Intermodal transportation is a model that uses more than one mode of transportation without any handling of the cargoes and delivers the goods from the shipper to the delivery address specified in the equipment used.

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Domestic Container Freight Service

As LandSea Global, we carry out pre-carriage and final delivery with our trucks and trailers in domestic land operations. We also render services by pushing our vehicles to a higher level every day to provide better service to our clients.

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Liner Container Freight (FCL)

LandSea Global, with its expert staff and partner agencies in Europe, Africa and America provides full container shipments in parallel with customer demands in the optimum delivery time and at the most affordable cost.

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We aim to make rapid decisions and react coherently in accordance with the market structure with our flexible organizational structure.

The Stop Where the Continents Meet

Being at the heart of Europe, Asia and Africa enables us to meet your wide range of logistics requirements by land, sea, aircraft, or by train.

Customer Focused Solutions

We offer the most optimal solutions for not only big companies but also companies of all sizes by accurately analyzing the company requirements.

Employee Quality

We have highly trained staff who have the same team mentality and feel dedicated to the values of the company. We strive for continuous and sustainable excellence with our employees who are passionately committed to their work.

Intermodal Solutions Partner...


Intermodal transportation is the use of multiple transport modes and it provides a service without handling the freight until it reaches the specified address.

Environmental Advantages

Railway and Ro-Ro Integration used in Intermodal Transportation provides an

ecological transport model which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


With the preferred transport modes, Intermodal Transportation provides a service that is not affected by bad weather conditions, border densities and petrol prices.

Cost Advantage

By means of Railway and Ro-Ro integration of its equipment, Intermodal Transportation provides a competitive and cost-effective service.

Transit time & Reliability 

When compared with Maritime Transport, Intermodal Transportation is considered faster, when compared with Road Transport, Intermodal Transportation provides the same period of time. It also provides service which removes problems such as transition densities, import-export permits, etc.

Italy – Spain – Belgium – Netherlands – England – Tunisia – Morocco 

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When we compare with 40’ Sea Containers, 45’ HCPW equipment which is designed appropriate to Ro-Ro and Railway transport modes provides 20 % volume advantage and, as it is on the highway, 33 EURO pallets can be loaded in one row, 66 EURO pallets can be loaded in double row. 45’ HCPW is used as a cost-effective and sustainable product and it is appropriate for the companies that face tonnage and volume problems.