About Us


As LandSea Global, we provide our clients with a broad international transportation service that offers added value to the companies of our clients.

We carry out the environmental, sustainable, and cost-effective intermodal transportation service with European and North African countries with our 45’PW equipment.

We provide the needs of our ever-growing and various clients with integration among all transportation types. We also provide the fastest and the most effective service to our clients according to their consignment requirements.

We address the various demands of our clients in the field of logistics and finance with the services we provide such as intermodal transportation, liner container shipping, project cargo; lashing, securing and certificate service, and also insurance service.

With our partners all over the world, we provide our clients with custom flexible planning, efficient time usage and, space guarantee as well as real-time tracking and traceability in international ports.

Thanks to our expert team in their fields, we expand our intermodal business models that will enhance cost-effectiveness for our clients. 


To be one of the leading logistics companies in the world serving on a global scale with the high-quality services it provides and the exclusive solutions it offers to its clients.


We are trustworthy business partners that meet all the logistic needs of our clients and put them ahead of the competition with our enriching services.


  • Reassurance,
  • Customer Commitment,
  • Accessibility,
  • Quality,
  • Sense of Responsibility

Intermodal Solutions Partner...



We aim to make rapid decisions and react coherently in accordance with the market structure with our flexible organizational structure.

The Stop Where the Continents Meet

Being at the heart of Europe, Asia and Africa enables us to meet your wide range of logistics requirements by land, sea, aircraft, or by train.

Customer Focused Solutions

We offer the most optimal solutions for not only big companies but also companies of all sizes by accurately analyzing the company requirements.

Employee Quality

We have highly trained staff who have the same team mentality and feel dedicated to the values of the company. We strive for continuous and sustainable excellence with our employees who are passionately committed to their work.